Academic Advising


Academic Advising is here to help you clarify and develop goals for your education, your career – and your life. You and your advisor will work together to create an educational plan that’s right for you. The CHHS Academic Advising Team’s mission is to empower and engage our students in their academic and personal development and in planning for timely degree completion, facilitating self-direction towards career success and life-long learning.

Advising is ongoing relationship, a decision-making process, and a shared responsibility. Advisors work collaboratively with you to:

  • Develop an academic plan and goals
  • Process requests for course drops, course withdrawals and university withdrawals
  • Work intentionally with students to maintain good academic standing and financial eligibility
  • Inform students about the admission process to graduate programs
  • Process transfer credit requests and concurrent enrollment requests
  • Advise for and make decisions regarding overloads and third attempts
  • Review academic requirement reports
  • Refer students to various campus resources or involvements