Clinical/Special Requirements

Many CHHS undergraduate and graduate programs have learning experiences through internships, practicums, clinicals or similar for which additional clinical or special requirements for the student is mandatory.

For more information, please see review the school and program page for clinical or special requirements or refer to the undergraduate catalog or graduate catalog.

Fingerprint Based Criminal Background Checks

Fingerprint-based criminal background checks currently only apply to the Speech-Language Pathology majors. Learn more about the fingerprint criminal background check process. This does not apply to students who are not in the Speech-Language Pathology program. 


CastleBranch is a vendor that offers a repository for all student clinical requirements. Students in all clinical-related programs and students in some non-clinical-related programs are required to use CastleBranch to some extent.

CastleBranch will also facilitate and store the results of your required background checks and drug screens (for programs in which these are required). This repository is available indefinitely, so it is a useful resource used to keep track of required immunizations and titers to bring with you as you enter the workforce. Records are available to students at any time.

You will be instructed by your clinical coordinator on when and how to sign up for CastleBranch, and should not set up accounts before instructed to do so by their coordinator. You will be responsible for any additional expenses incurred by CastleBranch.