Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic

The Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic offers a comprehensive program of evaluation and treatment for individuals with a hearing concern, tinnitus, dizziness/balance or concussion-related issues, as well as speech, language, cognitive-communication and swallowing disorders.

With an emphasis on research, application of the latest in clinical education and practical care, our students gain real-world experience working with experienced, licensed professionals to deliver comprehensive diagnostic assessments and treatment to residents throughout the northern Illinois region.

The NIU Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic is a critical component of the university’s accredited Doctor of Audiology and M.A. in Speech-Language Pathology programs. Students and faculty provide services and conduct research in the clinic.

Educational Videos for Hearing Issues

We have created a series of hearing-related educational videos to help navigate today's challenges.

Tips for Speech-language Learning

We have created these speech-language pathology tip sheets to assist with at-home learning.


Our Ignite program empowers students (ages 10 to 16) with a disability diagnosis to advocate for themselves and transition into high school.

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Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic
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