Faculty and Staff Directory

Dean's Office

Name Email Phone Office
Block, Derryl dblock@niu.edu 815-753-1877 Wirtz Hall 227
Bednarek, Kailey kbednarek@niu.edu 815-753-1891 Wirtz Hall 227
Botterman, Lori lbotterman1@niu.edu 815-753-0041 Wirtz Hall 227E
Boyle, Michelle lboyle5@niu.edu 815-753-6041 Wirtz Hall 227F
Callahan, Carrie ccallahan@niu.edu 815-753-6161 WL 1202A
Denton, Carol cdenton1@niu.edu 815-753-1891 Wirtz Hall 227
Henry, Beverly bwhenry@niu.edu 815-753-8535 Wirtz Hall 227
Kreitzer, Mandy mkreitzer@niu.edu 815-753-3409 Wirtz Hall 227
Kushnick, Michael mkushnick@niu.edu 815-753-6157 Wirtz Hall 227B
Ridge, Jennifer jridge@niu.edu 815-753-1877 Wirtz Hall 227
Schetley, Julie jschetley@niu.edu 815-753-1891 Wirtz Hall 227

Dean's Office Advising Staff

Name Email Phone Office
Hein, Andrea ahein@niu.edu 815-753-1891 Wirtz Hall 227
Holland, Nicole nholland@niu.edu 815-753-1891 Wirtz Hall 227
Jackson, Tifarah t_jackson@niu.edu 815-753-1891 Wirtz Hall 277
Reynolds, Jerri jreynolds3@niu.edu 815-753-1891 Wirtz Hall 227
Smialek, Stephanie sbaskerville1@niu.edu 815-753-1891 Wirtz Hall 227
Splansky, Sandi ssplansky@niu.edu 815-753-1891 Wirtz Hall 227
Yee, Liz eyee1@niu.edu 815-753-1891 Wirtz Hall 227


Name Email Phone Office
John, Steven stevenc@niu.edu 815-761-2589 Wirtz Hall 227
Riebel, Christina criebel@niu.edu Wirtz Hall 227
Schetley, Eric eschetley@niu.edu Wirtz Hall 227

Health and Human Sciences Survey Research Laboratory

Name Title Email Phone
Leighly, William Survey Interview Supervisor wleighly@niu.edu 815-753-1817
Seymore, Jennifer Survey Interview Supervisor jseymore@niu.edu 815-753-1817

Allied Health and Communicative Disorders

Name Title Email Phone
Morris, Sherrill AHCD Chair srmorris@niu.edu 815-753-1484
Beldon, M. Christine Academic Advisor mbeldon@niu.edu 815-753-9228
Giardelli, Nicole Office Administrator nbraun@niu.edu 815-753-6512
Lyles, Lara Assistant to the Chair llyles@niu.edu 815-753-6508
Rasmussen, Kim Office Support krasmussen3@niu.edu 815-753-1484
Riebe, Sydney Office Support Specialist sriebe@niu.edu 815-753-1484


Name Title Email Phone
Billingsly, Danica Clinical Coordinator dbillingsly@niu.edu 815-753-5309
Cheyney, Mariah Clinical Assistant Professor mcheyney@niu.edu 815-753-1604
Chung, King Professor kchung@niu.edu 815-753-8033
Kitner, Blythe Clinical Assistant Professor bkitner@niu.edu 815-753-1441
Pudrith, Charles Assistant Professor cpudrith@niu.edu 815-753-6246
Schecklong, Diane Clinical Assistant Professor dscheck@niu.edu 815-753-6522
Wilson, Matt Area Coordinator mwilson@niu.edu 815-753-7366

Clinic Support Staff

Name Title Email Phone
Grzywa, Carolyn Office Support - SLHC cgrzywa@niu.edu 815-753-1481
Hodge, Amy Office Support - SLHC ahodge@niu.edu 815-753-1482
Lund, Cindy Office Support - SLHC clund@niu.edu 815-752-6230
Merritt, Brandy Office Support - PTC bmerritt@niu.edu 815-752-2675
Tyne, Mildred Marlene Account Tech - SLHC mtyne@niu.edu 815-752-6213

Physical Therapy

Name Title Email Phone
Bateni, Hamid Associate Professor hbateni@niu.edu 815-753-8514
Bettin, Nicole Clinical Assistant Professor nbettin@niu.edu 815-753-4262
Blaschak, Mary Jo Area Coordinator mblaschak@niu.edu 815-753-1438
Brown, Dawn Clinical Assistant Professor dbrown36@niu.edu 815-753-5243
Castillo, Myly Clinical Faculty mcastillo7@niu.edu 815-753-2675
Kushnick, Michael Associate Dean for Academic Affairs mkushnick@niu.edu 815-753-6157
LeBeau, Robert Assistant Professor lebeau@niu.edu 815-753-1628
Odeh, Christina Assistant Professor codeh@niu.edu 815-753-6247
Robackouski, Joy Clinical Coordinator jrobac@niu.edu 815-753-1618

Speech-Language Pathology

Name Title Email Phone
Buac, Milijana Assistant Professor mbuac@niu.edu 815-753-1521
Gladfelter, Allison Assistant Professor agladfelter@niu.edu 815-753-7737
Kim, In-Sop Associate Professor ikim@niu.edu 815-753-7793
McGee, Deborah Clinical Assistant Professor dmcgee@niu.edu 815-753-1446
Mayer, Jamie Associate Professor jmayer1@niu.edu 815-753-1484
O'Connor, Sarah Clinical Assistant Professor sbrehm@niu.edu 815-752-6563
O'Loughlin, Michelle Clinical Assistant Professor moloughlin@niu.edu 815-753-6521
Olson, Janet Area Coordinator janet@niu.edu 815-753-1484
Palmer, Emily Clinical Coordinator epalmer3@niu.edu 815-753-6524
Wedoff, Kim Clinical Assistant Professor kwedoff@niu.edu 815-753-5697

Family and Consumer Sciences

NameTitle Email Phone
Pavkov, Thomas FACS Chair tpavkov@niu.edu 815-753-6342
Gorecki, Diane Office Administrator dmanzella@niu.edu 815-753-1196
Radtke, Kristine Office Support Specialist kradtke@niu.edu 815-753-7353
Unger, Gina Office Support Associate gunger@niu.edu 815-753-6347

Human Development and Family Sciences

NameTitle Email Phone
Bowers, Susan Associate Professor drbowers@niu.edu 815-753-8537
Champion, Kelly Instructor kchampion@niu.edu 815-753-0244
Fang, Shi-Ruei Sherry Professor and Area Coordinator ssfang@niu.edu 815-753-6332
Hayward, Kristina Master Teacher khayward@niu.edu 815-753-1150
Killmer, J. Mark Associate Clinical Professor and Director of the Specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy Program jmarkkillmer@niu.edu 815-753-6348
Liu, Yujun Assistant Professor lyujun@niu.edu 815-753-1543
Li, Sophie Assistant Professor xli@niu.edu 815-753-6345
Lofthouse, Amy CDFC PFAE Director alofthouse@niu.edu 815-753-0125
Newman, Sherie CDFC Master Teacher slnewman@niu.edu 815-753-0125
Njue, Jane Rose Associate Professor/Facilitator of Family Social Services jnjue@niu.edu 815-753-1199
Schael, Diane Clinical Assistant Professor and CDFC Executive Director dschael@niu.edu 815-753-0125
Scaife, Ecila CDFC Master Teacher eschael@niu.edu 815-753-0125
Schulz, Kristin CDFC Deputy Director kschulz@niu.edu 815-753-0125
Shi, Lin Professor lshi@niu.edu 815-753-6349
Sibley, D. Scott Assistant Professor dscottsibley@niu.edu 815-753-6344
Surjadi, Flora Associate Professor fsurjadi@niu.edu 815-752-7083
Vinokur, Natalia Director of Couple and Family Therapy Clinic nvinokur@niu.edu 815-753-1667
Walter, Melissa Assistant Professor mcwalter@niu.edu 815-753-6343
Xie, Charline Professor xiaolinx@niu.edu 815-753-6335


Name Title Email Phone
Boggess, Julie Interim Director, Gerontology jboggess2@niu.edu 815-753-6339

Hospitality and Tourism Management

Name Title Email Phone
Flower, Bryan Chef and Food Systems Lab Coordinator bflower@niu.edu 815-753-6384
Hryhorczuk, Nicholas Assistant Professor nhryhorczuk@niu.edu 815-753-1190
Legorreta, Janie Food Systems Laboratory Assistant janelegorreta@niu.edu 815-753-6491
Li, Lan Professor and Area Coordinator lanli@niu.edu 815-753-6385
Myung, Eunha Professor emyung@niu.edu 815-753-6341

Fashion Merchandising

Name Title Email Phone
Cosbey, Sarah Associate Professor and Area Coordinator scosbey@niu.edu 815-753-6336
Joung, Hyun-Mee Associate Professor hmjoung@niu.edu 815-753-6334
Lorenz, MaryAnn Clinical Assistant Professor mlorenz1@niu.edu 815-753-1153
Montgomery, Bette Associate Professor bmontgomery@niu.edu 815-753-6338

Health Studies

NameTitle Email Phone
Isabel, Jeanne Health Studies Chair jisabel@niu.edu 815-753-6330
Geisler, Varsie Office Administrator vgeisler@niu.edu 815-753-5050
Newman, Nancy Office Support Specialist nnewman1@niu.edu 815-753-1900
Erickson, Angela Office Support Associate aerickson1@niu.edu 815-753-1384

Medical Laboratory Sciences

NameTitle Email Phone
Caron, Teri Laboratory Assistant tcaron1@niu.edu 815-753-6300
Ebomoyi, Josephine Assistant Professor jebomoyi@niu.edu 815-753-6325
Olsen, Ellen Program Coordinator eolsen1@niu.edu 815-753-6300
Shokrani, Masih Professor mshokrani@niu.edu 815-753-6323
Voelker, Amanda Clinical Coordinator avoelker2@niu.edu 815-753-1382

Nutrition and Dietetics

NameTitle Email Phone
Barrett, Sheila Associate Professor sbarrett1@niu.edu 815-752-7063
Lukaszuk, Judith Professor jmlukaszuk@niu.edu 815-753-6352
Lulinski, Beth Instructor blulinski@niu.edu 815-753-3045
Muzaffar, Henna Assistant Professor and Facilitator, Certificate of Graduate Study in Eating Disorders and Obesity hmuzaffar@niu.edu 815-753-5178
Patterson, Julie Assistant Professor, Didactic Program Director jpatterson2@niu.edu 815-753-1918
Prange, Nancy Director of Dietetic Internship nprange@niu.edu 815-753-6386
Umoren, Josephine Associate Professor, Program Coordinator jxu1@niu.edu 815-753-6351

Public Health

NameTitle Email Phone
Berke, Marcia Instructor mberke@niu.edu 815-753-8291
Geiger, Sarah Associate Professor geiger@niu.edu 815-753-5590
Gray, Jennifer Associate Professor j-gray@niu.edu 815-753-4801
Herrmann, Lynn Associate Professor lherrmann@niu.edu 815-753-0112
Hughes, M. Courtney Associate Professor courtneyhughes@niu.edu 815-753-1384
Keddie, Arlene Associate Professor akeddie@niu.edu 815-753-8293
Kim, Jinsook Professor jkim4@niu.edu 815-753-1352
Pritchard, Becky Internship Coordinator rpritchard@niu.edu 815-753-1384
Shibata, Tomoyuki Associate Professor tshibata@niu.edu 815-753-5696
Shumaker, Mary Instructor mshumaker@niu.edu 815-753-0852
Squires, Beth Program Coordinator, Public Health esquires@niu.edu 815-753-2279
Yao, Ping Associate Professor pyao@niu.edu 815-753-0853

Interdisciplinary Health Professions

Name Title Email Phone
Priester, Paul Interdisciplinary Health Professions Chair ppriester@niu.edu 815-753-5198
Ruscetti, Fran Graduate Program Administrator fruscetti@niu.edu 815-753-5108
Lorang, Julie Office Administrator jlorang@niu.edu 815-753-5128
Scoville, Amy Office Specialist ascoville@niu.edu 815-753-5118

Health Sciences

Name Title Email Phone
Boutin, Daniel Associate Professor dboutin@niu.edu 815-753-1939
Henry, Beverly Ph.D. in Health Sciences, director bhenry@niu.edu 815-753-8535
Clay, Shondra Loggins Assistant Professor sclay@niu.edu 815-753-6983
Duffrin, Melani Professor mduffrin@niu.edu 815-753-5158
Hodges, Terence Instructor thodges1@niu.edu 815-753-5118
Mazurek, Kathryn Assistant Professor kmazurek@niu.edu 815-753-6324

Rehabilitation Counseling

Name Title Email Phone
Bonine, Jeanni Instructor ebonine@niu.edu 815-753-5118
Dallas, Bryan Program Coordinator bdallas@niu.edu 815-752-8389
Gagliano, Lisa Instructor lgagliano1@niu.edu 815-753-5118
Kowalczyk, Nicole Instructor nicole.kowalczyk@niu.edu 815-753-6514
McCarthy, Amanda Undergraduate Mentor amccarthy@niu.edu 815-753-1893
Moreno-Tucker, Valerie Instructor vmorenotucker@niu.edu 815-753-5118
Salimi, Nahal Visiting Assistant Professor nsalimi@niu.edu 815-753-4134
Templin, Daniel Instructor dtemplin1@niu.edu 815-753-5118


Name Title Email Phone
Caplan, Susan Nursing Chair scaplan@niu.edu 815-753-6550
Brantner, Tiffany Office Support Specialist tbrantner@niu.edu 815-753-0044
Faber, Katie Office Support Specialist kfaber@niu.edu 815-753-0665
Kain, Mary Administrative Aide mkain@niu.edu 815-753-1232
Rich, Diane Office Manager drich@niu.edu 815-753-0664
Wilson, Kim Office Manager kwilson8@niu.edu 815-753-6554

Name Title Email Phone
Adamson, Tiffany Instructor tadamson1@niu.edu 815-753-6583
Althoff, Alissa Instructor aalthoff2@niu.edu 815-753-1231
Annis, Theresa Instructor tannis@niu.edu 815-753-8363
Bezdek, Kathy Instructor kbezdek@niu.edu 815-753-1231
Carlson, Cathy Associate Professor clcarlson@niu.edu 815-753-6573
Chen, Jie Associate Professor jchen2@niu.edu 815-753-8197
Connelly, Alicia Instructor aconnelly1@niu.edu 815-753-1231
Cooke, Marcia Assistant Professor mclemens@niu.edu 815-753-1231
Corral, Sara Instructor scorral@niu.edu 815-753-1231
Coulter, Katherine J. Assistant Professor katherinecoulter@niu.edu 815-752-8377
Daniel, Amy Instructor amydaniel@niu.edu 815-753-1231
Davis, Amber RN-BS Coordinator adavis16@niu.edu 815-753-6552
Donnelly, Romana Instructor rdonnelly1@niu.edu 815-753-1231
Dosier, David Director of Operations ddosier1@niu.edu 815-753-9532
Dykstra, Lynn Instructor ldykstra@niu.edu 815-753-1231
Eich, Kate Instructor keich1@niu.edu 815-753-1231
Evans, Mary Margaret Pre-Licensure Coordinator mevans10@niu.edu 815-753-6591
Fischer, Erica Instructor efischer3@niu.edu 815-753-1231
Flury, Alyse Instructor apasholk1@niu.edu 815-753-6564
Gawrys, Mary Instructor mgawrys2@niu.edu  815-753-1231
Glenn, Karin Instructor kglenn2@niu.edu 815-753-1231
Griffin, Merlynette Undergraduate Program Advisor mgriffin2@niu.edu  815-753-6557
Hickey, Kari Director of Nursing Undergraduate Studies khickey1@niu.edu 815-753-0812
Hintzsche, Mary Clinical Assistant Professor mbohne1@niu.edu 815-753-1231
Hoecker, Jude Instructor jhoecker@niu.edu 815-753-1231
Jefferson, Rhoda Instructor rjefferson@niu.edu 815-753-0831
Kooistra, Scott Instructor skooistra@niu.edu 815-753-1231
Kuchinski, Anne-Marie NCLEX/Student Success Coordinator akuchinski@niu.edu 815-753-6581
Lesniewski, Rita Sim Lab Coordinator rlesniewski@niu.edu 815-753-2373
Lyons, Sara DNP Academic Counselor slyons2@niu.edu 815-753-2163
Madrigal, Jessica Simulation Laboratory Specialist jmadrigal@niu.edu 815-753-9773
Madsen, Nancy Visiting Assistant Professor nmadsen@niu.edu 815-753-6570
Manhart, Chantal Instructor cmanhart@niu.edu 815-753-1231
Mason, Patricia Instructor pmason@niu.edu 815-753-1231
McDowell, Megan Instructor mmcdowell1@niu.edu 815-753-1231
Melms, Randa Instructor rhamadeh3@niu.edu 815-753-1231
Mercado, Juan Clinical Assistant Professor jmercadonevarez@niu.edu 815-753-6559
Mohammed, Bilquis Instructor bmohammed@niu.edu 815-753-1231
Monaghan, Jessica Instructor jmonaghan@niu.edu 815-753-1231
Moxley, Elizabeth Assistant Professor emoxley@niu.edu 815-753-1231
Mullis, Suzanne Instructor smullis1@niu.edu 815-753-2771
Munguia, Lindsey Graduate Internship Coordinator LindseyMunguia@niu.edu 815-753-0469
Musker, Kathleen Associate Professor kmusker@niu.edu 815-752-8359
Painter, Debora Instructor dpainter@niu.edu 815-753-1231
Perian, Melissa Instructor mperian@niu.edu 815-753-0056
Petges, Nancy Assistant Professor npetges1@niu.edu 815-752-8357
Pond, Ashley, Instructor apond@niu.edu 815-753-1231
Reeb, Amy Instructor areeb1@niu.edu 815-753-0831
Riddell, Deborah Clinical Assistant Professor driddell@niu.edu 815-753-6584
Rood, Linda Clinical Assistant Professor lrood@niu.edu 815-753-0663
Rossetti, Jeanette Professor rossetti@niu.edu 815-753-9956
Russell, John Instructor jrussell4@niu.edu 815-753-1231
Sabio, Cristan Assistant Professor csabio@niu.edu 815-753-1210
Selig, Kris Director of Nursing Labs kselig1@niu.edu 815-753-9916
Shastri, Sheila Instructor sshastri@niu.edu 815-753-1231
Shaw, Mary Jane Instructor mshaw4@niu.edu 815-753-6593
Sietsema, Linda Instructor lsietsema1@niu.edu 815-753-1231
Steel, Darcy Instructor dsteel@niu.edu 815-753-1231
Sterricker-Rydell, Jeanne Instructor jsterrickerrydell@niu.edu 815-753-1231
Taylor, Linda Assistant Professor ltaylor6@niu.edu 815-752-8353
Taylor, Pamela Director of Nursing Graduate Studies ptaylor@niu.edu 815-753-0662
Tricoli, Mike Instructor mtricoli@niu.edu 815-753-1231
Uhr, Stephanie Instructor suhr@niu.edu  815-753-8363
Utley, Lorna Instructor lutley@niu.edu 815-753-1231
Vasquez, Crystal Instructor cvasquez@niu.edu 815-753-1231
Wahlstrom, Carol Instructor cwahlstrom@niu.edu 815-753-6320
Williamson-Bandele, Passion Nursing Program Advisor pwilliamson@niu.edu 815-753-6557

Department of Military Science

Name Email Phone Office
Akroyd, Todd takroyd@niu.edu 815-753-9661 Chick Evans Field House 121
Buchanan, Keith kbuchanan1@niu.edu 815-753-6237 Chick Evans Field House 110
Gage, Kim kgage@niu.edu 815-753-0574 Chick Evans Field House 109
Kelly, Chad ckelly4@niu.edu 815-753-6234 Chick Evans Field House 110
Mahar, Mike mmahar@niu.edu 815-753-7181 Chick Evans Field House 120
McAdams, Jennifer jmcadams1@niu.edu 815-753-6238 Chick Evans Field House 110
Nilsen, Karl knilsen@niu.edu 815-753-6240 Chick Evans Field House 110
Schunemann, Ryan rschunemann@niu.edu 815-753-6234 Chick Evans Field House 110
Wolfe, Justin jwolfe5@niu.edu 815-762-4875 Chick Evans Field House 110