Printing Your Academic Conference Posters

University Marketing waives the fees associated with printing academic conference posters for students and faculty if certain requirements are met. This service does not include class projects and/or posters presented as part of a course assignment.

Please note the following academic conference poster requirements:

  • Allow three weeks for the review and printing of your poster.
  • Please use one of the conference poster templates to create your poster.
  • When your poster is complete, it must be sent to the Clearinghouse for review.
  • After receiving Clearinghouse approval, please submit your poster to Creative Services for printing. When you submit this request, please be sure to note the date you need the printed poster in hand and provide an account number. While there is no charge for printing academic conference posters, Creative Services requires this number for tracking purposes and their internal record-keeping.
  • Poster files should be submitted in PDF format. Posters submitted in PowerPoint, Publisher and other file formats are not printer compatible and will be returned with a request to submit a PDF.

Creative Services will contact you to arrange the date, time and location for picking up your poster. These arrangements will depend on your deadline. For the convenience of the campus community, Creative Services uses a local printer.

Faculty submitting multiple conference posters on behalf of students are asked to please bundle their request.

Please contact CHHS Director of Marketing and Communications Jane Donahue at with any questions.

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