Academic Dismissal Appeals Procedure

The College of Health and Human Sciences (CHHS) allows students who have been academically dismissed to appeal that decision in an effort to ensure fairness and consideration of all factors leading to the dismissal from the University. Please be aware there is no guarantee that an appeal of dismissal will be approved.

If you wish to appeal your academic dismissal for the spring 2019, please submit the online Dismissal Appeal form. You will need to login with your Z-ID and password to access this form. The deadline to appeal your dismissal for summer has closed. The deadline for fall is Wednesday, August 21, 2019.


Dismissal Appeal Requirements

Be prepared to address these questions when submitting the form:

  • Clear explanation of extenuating circumstances.
  • Realistic academic plan.
  • Identification of campus resources you will utilize.
  • Specific class schedule you would ideally enroll in if able to return for the next term.

For additional information, please contact the College of Health and Human Sciences at 815-753-1891.