STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. STEM Fest is held in October each year and seeks to increase public awareness of STEM initiatives, activities, careers and education for people around northern Illinois.

This festival is modeled after successful science festivals in Europe and the San Diego Science Festival. STEM Fest arranges hands-on activities, contests and guest speakers to attract participants of all ages. In addition to more than 100 hands-on, Spooky Science displays, NIU STEM student groups showcase their projects and assist children with make-and-take activities.

The College of Health and Human Sciences presented the following demonstration in previous STEM Fests:

  • School of Nursing: baby simulation mannequins with stethoscopes to listen to heart and lung sounds
  • Nutrition and Dietetics: food pigments, osmosis in food prep, emulsions by making mayonnaise, making ice cream in a zip-close bag, and the effect of pH and enzymes on milk proteins
  • Audiology: hands-on testing of noise levels
  • Communicative Disorders: demonstration of swallowing tests
  • Environmental Health: experiments with filtration of liquids and pH levels in liquids
  • Clinical Lab Science: disease and blood slide under microscopes, IV insertion on teaching mannequins, displays and hands-on lab activities
  • Military Science: the science of night vision goggles with hands-on viewing display

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