Henna Muzaffar Ph.D., RD

Title: Assistant Professor
Division: Interdisciplinary Health Professions
Office Location: Wirtz 323D
Office Phone: 815-753-5178
Email: hmuzaffar@niu.edu

Courses Taught

  • FSHN 428: Community Nutrition
  • HDFS 494: Food and Family Transdisciplinary Research in the Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • FSHN 595: Health Disparities Research
  • UHHS 760: Knowledge Integration in the Health Sciences
  • HSCI 430: Working with Diverse Populations in Health and Human Sciences

Educational Background

  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • M.S., University of Cincinnati
  • B.S., University of Cincinnati

Academic / Research Interests

Professor Muzaffar’s research focuses on obesity prevention with children and families in the schools and the community. She employs process as well as impact evaluation, and quantitative and qualitative methodologies, for robust interpretation of her research studies. Her health promotion programs are framed within behavioral change theories. She has also done work with the Latino population in rural areas to address obesity and health disparities.

Professional Registration and Licensure

  • Registered Dietitian (RD) since January, 2008: 993790
  • Licensed Dietitian (LD) since January, 2008: 164004862

Selected Publications


Muzaffar H, Castelli D, Goss D, Scherer J, Chapman-Novakofski K. (2011). Middle school students want more than games for health education on the internet. Creative Education, 2, 393-397

Muzaffar H, Castelli D, Scherer J, Chapman-Novakofski K. (2013). The HOT (Healthy Outcome for Teens) Project: Using a web-based medium to influence attitude, subjective norm, perceived behavioral control and intention for obesity and Type 2 diabetes prevention. Appetite, 72, 82-89.

Muzaffar H, Castelli D, Scherer J, Chapman-Novakofski K. (2014). The impact of web-based HOT (Healthy Outcomes for Teens) Project on risk for Type 2 diabetes: A randomized controlled trial. Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics, 16(12), 1-7.

Muzaffar H, Chapman-Novakofski K, Castelli D, Scherer J. (2016). Qualitative evaluation of interactive features in HOT (Healthy Outcomes for Teens) Project website. Journal of Web-Based Learning and Teaching Technologies, 11(3), 17-27.

Diaz K, Muzaffar H, Meline B, Chapman-Novakofski. (2016). Talk, Heart, Hands: A culturally sensitive approach to nutrition education for Latinos with young children. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, 48(6), 425-429.e1.

Nikolaus CJ, Muzaffar H, Nickols-Richardson S. (2016). Grocery store (or supermarket) tours as an effective nutrition education medium: A systematic review. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, 48(8), 544-554.

Ferguson GM, Muzaffar H, Iturbide M, Chu Hui, Gardner JM. (2017). Feel American, Watch American, Eat American? Remote acculturation, TV, and nutrition among Jamaican adolescent-mother dyads. Child Development, DOI: 10.1111/cdev.12808.

Muzaffar H, Fiese B, Jarick J. (2018). Narrative review of culinary interventions to promote healthy eating: Directions for future research and practice. Current Developments in Nutrition.