Jennifer Gray Ph.D.

Jennifer Gray
Title: Associate Professor
Division: Health Studies
Unit: Public Health
Office Location: Wirtz Hall 250
Office Phone: 815-753-4801
Office Fax: 815-753-5406

Courses Taught

  • PHHE 461: Principles of the Organization of Public Health & Public Health Care Programs 
  • PHHE 433/533: Principles of Long-Term Care Administration 
  • PHHE 607: Health Services Management 
  • PHHE 655: Human Resources Management in the Health Care Setting


  • Ph.D., University of Illinois - Chicago, Public Health (concentration in Gerontology) 
  • M.P.P., University of Chicago, Public Policy, certificate in Health Administration & Policy 
  • B.A., University of Notre Dame, Government 
  • B.A., University of Notre Dame, Theology

Research Interests

  • Long-term care workforce:  work stress and palliative care services challenges
  • Health promotion behaviors of older adults and people with disabilities
  • Palliative care, with a particular interest on bereavement issues

Recent Research Projects

Gray, J. & Kim, J. Pilot Testing of a Palliative Care Curriculum for Direct Support Professionals. Tri County Endowment Fund. (2017 AY).

Gray, J. & Kim, J. Bereavement Online Training Program for Staff Serving People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. NIU Broadband Innovation Grant. (2016-2017 AY).

Gray, J. & Kim, J. Direct Support Professionals’ Palliative Care Training Needs. Tri-County Endowment Grant. (2016-2017 AY).

Gray, J. & Kim, J. Bereavement Online Training Program for Staff Serving People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. NIU Broadband Innovation Grant. (2015-2016 AY).

Gray, J. & Riley, B. Work Stress and Health Promoting Behaviors Among Direct Support Professionals. NIU Research & Artistry Grant. Submitted October 2012 (2013-2014 AY).

Recent Publications

Gray, J. & Kim, J. Direct Care Workers’ Experiences of Grief and Needs for support. (in press). Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities.

Gray, J.A., & Abendroth, M. (2016). Perspectives of US direct care workers on the grief process of persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities: Implications for practice. Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities. 29 (5), 468-480.

Hahn, J.E., Gray, J., McCallion, P., Ronneberg, C., Stancliffe, R. J., Heller, T., Guiden, C. H., Fox, S. & Janicki, M.P. (2016). Transitions in aging: Health, retirement, and later life: Review of research, practice, and policy. Chapter 7. In Critical issues in intellectual and developmental disabilities: Contemporary research, practice, and policy. Washington, DC: American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

Gray, J. and Truesdale, J. (2015) A Delphi Study on Staff Bereavement Training in the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Field. Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, 53 (6), 394-405.

Kim, J., & Gray, J. (2015). Qualitative evaluation of an intervention program for sustained Internet use among low-income older adults. Ageing International, 41 (3), 240-253.

Abendroth, M., Greenblum, C.A., Gray, J. (2014). The value of peer-led support groups among caregivers of persons with Parkinson’s disease. Holistic Nursing Practice, 28, 48-54.

Gray, J., Kim, J., Ciesla, J., & Yao, P. (2014). Rasch analysis of the Lubben Social Network Scale (LSNS-6). Journal of Applied Gerontology, 25, 1-21. doi:10.1177/0733464814560468

Gray-Stanley, J., & Muramatsu, N. (2013). When the job has lost its appeal: Intentions to quit among direct care workers. Journal of Intellectual & Developmental Disability, 38, 124-133.

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Rimmer, J., Hsieh, K., Graham, B., Gerber, B., & Gray-Stanley, J. (2010). Removal of barriers to physical activity in obese African American women with mobility disabilities participating in a telephone-based physical activity coaching intervention. Journal of Women’s Health, 9 (10), 1869-1876.

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