B.S. in Health Sciences Admission Requirements

The admission process for the B.S. in Health Sciences program differs depending on the emphasis you choose.

Health Sciences Pre-physical Therapy Emphasis

Admission to the health sciences pre-physical therapy emphasis is open through NIU Admissions. However, it is a limited retention program. You must maintain at least a 3.0 cumulative NIU GPA after a total of 45 credits earned. We suggest meeting with your College of Health and Human Sciences advisor regularly for guidance in achieving your academic goals.

Health Sciences General Emphasis

For admission to the health sciences general emphasis, you apply through NIU admissions and declare health sciences as your major.

If you apply to NIU for nursing or medical laboratory sciences, you will be admitted as a health sciences general emphasis major to start. The health sciences program prepares you for entry to these limited admissions majors. Visit the admissions pages for the B.S. in Nursing and B.S. in Medical Laboratory Sciences programs for more details about admission criteria and application information.

Health Sciences Degree Completion

For admission to the health sciences degree completion emphasis you must:

  • Be practicing health or human sciences professionals
  • Have completed an applied associate degree program (or a equivalent number of credits)
  • Hold a current professional credential, certificate or license in a health or human sciences field in the field in which you are working or attempting to work
  • Be admitted to NIU
  • Have a cumulative GPA of at least a 2.00

Get started!

Apply to the health sciences degree completion program by following these steps:

  1. Submit a NIU application, select "off-campus" option within the application portal, then choose online or blended health sciences degree completion. 
  2. After acceptance to NIU, apply to our health sciences degree completion program, including written professional goals statement and copies of appropriate credentials, certificates or license.

Once accepted, you’ll consult with a College of Health and Human Sciences advisor to review your previous coursework, discuss appropriate courses to meet your goals and plan the most efficient way to finish your degree.

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