Rehabilitation Counseling (M.S.)


The M.S. degree program in rehabilitation counseling prepares you to make a difference by enhancing the lives of people with disabilities. Throughout the two-year program, you’ll complete a 100-hour practicum and a 600-hour internship in addition to your academic curriculum. Our goal is to provide you with as much knowledge and experiential training as possible so you can begin your career immediately and confidently.

Classes are small; there are usually less than 20 students. This means you'll form meaningful relationships with your peers and faculty. Our faculty consists of certified and licensed counselors who are active in the rehabilitation counseling profession. They are eager to mentor and passionate about educating future rehabilitation counselors.

Your professional goals are unique so we empower you to make choices that will help you accomplish those. You choose your own clinical education sites rather than receiving an assignment. This way you can interact with professionals in a setting that reflects your future as a rehabilitation professional.

Since you'll take the Certified Rehabilitation Counselor exam before you graduate, you’ll be certified to apply for the Licensed Professional Counselor credential. The employment rate of NIU graduates within six months of graduation is over 95 percent so your future is in good hands.

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Alumni Testimonials

"The Rehabilitation Counseling program strengthened and empowered me as an individual. Soon after graduation, I was hired as a Job Accommodation Specialist working with persons with disabilities. Now, I strengthen and empower others."
– Janice ‘17

"I have felt extremely supported by the faculty through the entire program and feel more than prepared to begin working after graduation. I love the opportunities this field provides!" 
– Jennifer ‘15