What careers am I eligible for with this degree? You’ll be eligible for many entry-level careers in patient advocacy, group homes, job coaching, rehabilitation assistance and more.
Should I choose this major if I want to become an occupational therapist? Yes; we don’t have an occupational therapy program, but we provide an occupational therapy track that helps prepare you to apply to post-baccalaureate O.T. programs. Contact an advisor for more information.
Why are there so many elective hours required for this major? How do I know which electives to take?

We provide you with 24 elective hours so you can choose courses that best suit your interests and career goals. If you are working on a minor or a certificate, you may be able to apply your elective courses toward those requirements. Either way, your advisor will help you choose and plan these classes throughout the program.

If you are preparing for a graduate program in occupational therapy, meet with an advisor to choose elective courses that will help you meet prerequisite requirements.