Certificate of Graduate Study in Health Professions Education


This online, interdisciplinary certificate prepares you to deliver college-level and clinical education in the health professions. The courses support student understanding of and competencies with communication, research methods, teaching, curriculum development and assessment, and leadership in current academic or health care settings. This coursework can be embedded in the graduate degree programs.

After completing this 18-credit hour program, you’ll have the knowledge and skills in theory, research and practice of education as it applies to health professions. You’ll have the abilities to:

  • Demonstrate the interdisciplinary communication skills necessary to function effectively in today’s clinical and academic environment.
  • Apply in-depth knowledge of content areas to quality measurement of health professions education.
  • Become efficient in discerning, implementing and evaluating new developments and advances in health professions education.
  • Develop strategies for a diverse, culturally aware workforce or learning environment.

Any graduate student or graduate student-at-large wishing to add these skills to their experience should consider this interdisciplinary program. This certificate of graduate study is ideal for those who teach in clinical programs or precept students and those who already hold terminal degrees.

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