Physical Therapy Clinic Patient Rights and Expectations

Our responsibilities as a health care system provide that patients have the right to:

  • Be informed of your rights in advance of receiving or discontinuing care
  • Participate in all areas of your care and treatment
  • Give informed consent for all treatment and procedures with an explanation in layman’s terms of:
    • The recommended treatment or procedure
    • The risks and benefits of the treatment or procedure
    • The probability or success, mortality, risks and serious side effects
    • The anticipated outcome should you choose not to comply with the recommended plan of care
    • An explanation of an unanticipated outcome should any occur
  • Request medically necessary and appropriate care/treatment, including (at the patient’s expense) other consultation(s)
  • Impartial access to care: no one is denied access to treatment because of gender/disability/national origin/age/color/race/religion/sexual orientation/or source of payment
  • Refuse any drug, test, care, treatment/service and be informed of the medical consequences of your decision
  • Be examined/treated and if necessary, transferred to another facility if you have a medical emergency
  • Effective communication including access to an interpreter or other communication assisted service, when you do not speak, hear or understand the communication provided
  • Have your cultural, psychosocial, spiritual and personal values, beliefs and preferences respected
  • Confidential communication and clinical records, whether verbal/written/electronic, related to your health care
  • Be informed of the clinics complaint procedures
  • Access your medical records upon receipt of a written request

Clinic Faculty

Clinical services are provided by clinically certified faculty teamed with graduate student clinicians. Faculty hold clinical certification and state licensure and have earned either a master's or doctoral degree in their respective disciplines.


Faculty members and students frequently observe sessions as part of the educational program of the department. All information obtained from clinic sessions, however, is strictly confidential. With prior client approval, some sessions are video recorded as a useful educational tool for students and faculty. Clients should feel free to speak with a clinician or faculty member regarding observers and confidentiality.

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