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Audiology (Au.D.)


The Doctor of Audiology at Northern Illinois University is a clinically-oriented, accredited program that prepares students to be independent providers of hearing and balance care for patients of all ages.  The Au.D. program is an entry-level professional, clinical degree, designed for students who wish to be involved in direct patient care.

The audiology curriculum is designed to emphasize evidence-based practice and hands-on clinical skills. With immediate practicum experience at NIU’s Speech-Language Hearing Clinic, our students gain valuable hands-on experience in the audiology field. Throughout the program of study, our students take more active roles at the clinic and at external sites.

Graduating students are eligible for national certification from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), and an additional opportunity to obtain American Board of Audiology Certification.

The program boasts an enthusiastic academic and clinical faculty who are devoted to working together to guide student development. An Au.D. alumni advisory board of prominent audiologists contribute critical input into NIU’s audiology program.

Learn more about the Doctor of Audiology program coursework and curriculum or sign up to attend our next open house. For more information about applying to NIU’s Doctorate of Audiology (Au.D.) program, read our current admission requirements. Undergraduate students who wish to prepare for an Au.D. degree should earn a B.S. in Communicative Disorders, available at Northern Illinois University.