School of Nursing Faculty and Staff Directory

Name Title Email Phone
Hickey, Kari Nursing Chair 815-753-6550
Evans, Mary Margaret Program Coordinator 815-753-6591
Faber, Katie Office Support Specialist 815-753-0665
Garcia, Carlos Administrative Aide 815-753-1232
Rich, Diane Office Manager 815-753-0664
Savant, Tiffany Office Support Specialist 815-753-0044

Name Title Email Phone
Althoff, Alissa Instructor 815-753-6554
Annis, Theresa Instructor 815-753-8363
Chambers, Kathy Instructor  815-753-6554
Chen, Jie Associate Professor 815-753-8197
Conroy, Becki Instructor  815-753-6554
Cooke, Marcia Associate Professor 815-753-6554
Coulter, Katherine J. Director of Graduate Nursing Studies, Assistant Professor 815-753-0662
Daniel, Amy Instructor 815-753-6554
Daniel, Jerry Instructor
Donnelly, Romana Instructor 815-753-6554
Dykstra, Lynn Instructor 815-753-6554
Eich, Kate Instructor 815-753-6554
Evins, Eleanor Instructor
Fischer, Erica Instructor 815-753-6554
Fitzpatrick, Nicole Simulation Laboratory Coordinator 815-753-7137
Flury, Alyse Instructor 815-753-6564
Higgins, Jessica Instructor
Hintzsche, Mary Clinical Assistant Professor 815-753-6554
Hoecker, Jude Instructor 815-753-6554
Jefferson, Rhoda Instructor 815-753-0831
Kuchinski, Anne-Marie NCLEX-RN and HESI Coordinator 815-753-6581
Lankin, Kelly Instructor 815-753-6554
Lyons, Sara Program Advisor 815-753-2163
Madrigal, Jessica Simulation Laboratory Specialist 815-753-9773
Manhart, Chantal Instructor 815-753-6554
McNutt, Jennifer Instructor 815-753-6554
Melms, Randa Instructor 815-753-6554
Mohammed, Bilquis Instructor 815-753-6554
Mohaupt, Susannah Instructor 

Moreno, Sylvia Instructor 815-753-6554
Moxley, Elizabeth Assistant Professor 815-753-6569
Mullis, Suzanne Instructor 815-753-2771
Painter, Debora Instructor 815-753-6554
Perian, Melissa Clinical Assistant Professor 815-753-0056
Pond, Ashley Instructor 815-753-6554
Rafferty-Balas, Katie Instructor 815-753-6554
Reeb, Amy Instructor 815-753-6899
Reynolds, Jerri Graduate Nursing Internship Coordinator 815-753-0469
Rivera, Meaghan Instructor 815-753-6554
Rood, Linda Clinical Assistant Professor 815-753-0663
Rossetti, Jeanette Presidential Teaching Professor 815-753-9956
Rudnicki, Mary Instructor N/A
Sabio, Cristan Assistant Professor 815-753-1210
Saravanan, Anitha Assistant Professor 815-753-6554
Selig, Kris Acting Director of Undergraduate Studies/Clinical Assistant Professor 815-753-0663
Sharp, Jennifer Instructor 815-753-6554
Shaw, Mary Jane Instructor 815-753-6593
Sietsema, Linda Instructor 815-753-6554
Stauche, Ann Instructor 815-753-6554
Sterricker-Rydell, Jeanne Instructor 815-753-6554
Stine, Abbey Instructor N/A
Strong, Frances Instructor 815-753-6554
Tanzillo, Tanya Clinical Assistant Professor 815-753-8353
Thompson, Chad Instructor 815-753-6554
Thuruthumaly, Elizabeth Instructor N/A
Uhr, Stephanie Assistant Professor  815-753-6556
Williams, Elizabeth Instructor 815-753-6554
Woodard, Janna Assistant Professor 815-753-3391
Zook, Liz Instructor 815-753-6554

We've moved!

The School of Nursing programs have a new home. Beginning in the fall 2023, we are teaching and learning in our new location, the Wellness and Literacy Center at 3100 Sycamore Road. We are excited to share our new home with other healthcare disciplines including audiology, physical therapy and speech-language pathology.

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School of Nursing
3100 Sycamore Rd.
DeKalb, IL 60115


Monday through Friday
8 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.

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