Certificate of Graduate Study in Sports Nutrition

The Certificate of Graduate Study (CGS) in Sports Nutrition is a 12-credit hour program designed to give you the skills you need to provide evidence-based nutrition information to assist athletes, coaches and/or sports teams.

If you're concurrently pursuing graduate or post-baccalaureate studies in nutrition or are a graduate major at NIU, another graduate degree-granting institution, or a student-at-large, you are eligible to apply for and obtain a CGS in Sports Nutrition.

Through this program you'll study:

  • How to personalize meal plans for athletes in different sports.
  • How to identify safety and efficacy of nutritional supplements and/or ergogenic aids.
  • Ways to critically review the literature on different nutritional recommendations to enhance sports performance.
  • Ways to enhance competency in working with athletes in your practice area.


You must have an undergraduate or graduate degree in nutrition or related degree. You'll need introductory coursework in anatomy or anatomy and physiology, chemistry, biology and nutrition.

You must be accepted into the program and have status as a graduate student or a student-at-large.

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Program Requirements

This 12-credit hour program includes three required courses and one additional course from several options. Visit the graduate catalog for a complete list of courses.

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Sports Nutrition Certificate
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