Wellness Literacy Computer Cart

Cart Rules

The laptop cart needs to be plugged in, and kept on at all times. This allows laptops to charge, and the cooling system to run. If the cooling system is not running, laptop damage could occur.

The only time it should be off is when the cart is in transit. When the laptop cart is not in use it must be locked.

Reservation Procedure

  • Submit the reservation request form below.
  • You will receive an email confirming or denying the request. 
  • The computer cart is assigned on a first come, first served basis. Contact Sherrill Morris at srmorris@niu.edu with concerns.
  • Please review the cart checkout procedures before checking out the cart.

Cart Check-Out Procedure

  • You will check out the cart in the Physical Therapy Clinic. You will need to fill out the check-out log.
  • The code for the cart door lock will be given to you when retrieving the cart.
    • The code is only to be used by the person checking out the cart.
  • The cart door must be locked when not removing or returning laptops.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure charging cables are fully plugged into the laptops.
  • When finished with the cart, return it to the Physical Therapy Clinic.
  • When the cart is safely returned, you must turn in the lock code and complete out the check-out log.

Additional Information

  • If there are any issues with a laptop it is the responsibility of the person checking out the cart to submit a Help Ticket to IT immediately. The Help Ticket should state it is the laptop cart in CHHS and list the laptop numbers that are not working.
  • To submit a Help Ticket use the computer support icon located on the home screen or visit niu.edu.
  • If there are any issues with Blackboard or any other network problems please call 815-753-8100 for assistance.
  • The charging cord attached to the cart is loose, it can easily disconnect from the cart. If this happens, remove the plastic cover and reattach it.
  • The cart must always be plugged in and the blue light must be "on" when it is in the classroom and not being transported.
  • The 90 degree adapter should be left with the charging cord and should always attach the laptop to the cord located the left of the laptop.
  • You must check-out the entire cart, you cannot reserve an individual laptop.
  • Lists of all the students' laptop assignments can be ready when checking out the cart if needed.
  • There are two external laptop chargers available for use but must be returned to the top of the cart when finished.

Check Out Request Form

Please allow at least 24 hours for a response. Submission of request does not guarantee approval.

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