About the Military Science Program

The NIU Huskie ROTC Battalion recruits, retains, trains, develops and commissions quality cadets who provide flexible, adaptive officer leadership to the U.S. Army, Army Reserve and National Guard.

The Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) is open to all eligible full-time students. You can earn 28 semester hours of academic credit through our Military Science program, applicable to graduation requirements as elective credit. The courses focus on an applied leadership training program, which is designed to develop personal traits and qualities essential to successful leadership in civilian life as well as the military environment.

Army ROTC Program

There are three requirements:

  • Basic course: Provides you with general knowledge about the military’s role in society and the Army’s mission. You’ll learn leadership, land navigation, marksmanship, military history and basic military skills. This course is typically completed during your freshman and sophomore years. There is no military service obligation attached to this course.
  • Advanced course: This course is the professional phase of the ROTC program. After you complete this program and the professional military education component (PME) you are eligible for a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the active Army, Army National Guard or the U.S. Army Reserve. You’ll take courses in leadership skills, training, personnel management, ethics, military justice and military tactics. This course is the final two years of the Army ROTC classes as well as attendance at the Leadership Development and Assessment Course.
  • Leadership laboratory: These laboratories are taught along with your military science classes. They include both military skills training and the orders process. During these labs, as a cadet you’ll perform supervisory roles or hands-on tasks that go along with classroom instruction.

For complete program details, please visit the undergraduate catalog.

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