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About Dietetic Internship

Front DeskThe dietetic internship combines supervised practice experiences with the Master of Science (M.S.) degree program in Nutrition and Dietetics.

In two and a half years, you can obtain your registration status and graduate degree. The first two semesters are comprised of graduate course work only. Two subsequent semesters consist of both on-site supervised practice experiences and graduate course work. In addition, one summer semester is comprised of full-time supervised practice experiences in a community hospital. The final fall semester is both on-site supervised practice experiences and remaining graduate course work.

Program Concentration

The program concentration for the NIU dietetic internship is Community Nutrition and Health Promotion, which includes 1224 hours of dietetic internship experiences: 540 hours in community nutrition, life-cycle and health promotion; 504 hours in medical nutrition therapy (at one hospital); and 180 hours in food service (NIU Dining Services).

Mission of the Dietetic Internship Program

To prepare graduate-level professionals to demonstrate knowledge, skills and values which enhance individuals and community health through dietetics practice.

Specific Concentration Objectives

  1. Disseminate health promotion education to community groups using technology. Learning activities: develop a Facebook page for a community site; manage a Twitter account or blog for Campus Recreation, a community site or the NIU Nutrition Department; produce You-Tube videos for parents of school-age children or for other community sites.
  2. Provide health promotion activities on NIU’s campus. Learning activities: work with the Student Dietetic Association to provide nutrition educational activities across campus during National Nutrition Month and National Eating Disorder’s Awareness Week (NEDA), and prepare presentations for various campus population groups such as students and/or faculty throughout the entire school year. 
  3. Demonstrate proficiency of skills during a professional practice rotation at a community-based program or community hospital. Learning Activities: successfully complete a five (5) week professional practice rotation at a community-based program or community hospital, write objectives, complete a project, and function at entry-level at the site.

The dietetic internship at Northern Illinois University is currently granted accreditation by the Accreditation Council for Education of Nutrition and Dietetics of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. 

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