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School of Family, Consumer and Nutrition Sciences

School of Family, Consumer and Nutrition Sciences
118 Wirtz Hall, DeKalb, IL 60115
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Facilities and Laboratories

Child Development Laboratory

The FCNS Child Development Laboratory (CDL) is a comprehensive early childhood program run by the School of Family, Consumer and Nutrition Sciences (FCNS). Located in Gabel Hall 169 and 170, it includes three child classrooms: two infant/toddler/two-year-old classrooms (licensed for 12 children per room) and a preschool classroom (licensed for 20 children).

Couple and Family Therapy Clinic at NIU

Located in Wirtz Hall, the Couple and Family Therapy Clinic at NIU provides individual, couple and family therapy services to those affiliated with NIU and to residents of DeKalb and the northern Illinois area. Relational therapy, including couple and family therapy, is a specialty of the Couple and Family Therapy Clinic at NIU. 

Ellington's Restaurant

Ellington's Restaurant is a quantity food production and service laboratory providing hands-on learning experiences for Nutrition, Dietetics and Hospitality Management (NDHM) students in quantity food service preparation and service and food service management. FCNS 320 is taught at the Ellington's Restaurant in Holmes Student Center on the NIU campus, providing students with hands-on experience running a full-service restaurant. 

Chandelier Room

The Chandelier Room is located in Adam's Hall and serves as a quantity food preparation laboratory in support of the FCNS 427 Catering course. Equipped to support events of between 5 to 110 guests, the Chandelier Room serves as the location for many NIU events. Students enrolled in the FCNS 427 course are responsible for planning and hosting all events.

FCNS Foods Laboratory

Located in Wirtz Hall, the FCNS Foods Laboratory supports the FCNS 200A and FCNS 200B courses. Students participate in hands-on laboratory activities that train them in the principles of food preparation as related to the chemical, physical and organoleptic properties of food. The Food Laboratory provides occasional support for students participating in FCNS 309, FCNS 410, and FCNS 424.

Kohl's Merchandising Laboratory

Located in Wirtz Hall, the Kohl's Merchandising Laboratory supports students in the Fashion Merchandising (formerly Textiles, Apparel and Merchandising) program. Fashion Merchandising students use computer-based technology to develop skills in visual merchandising, mathematical concepts and fashion illustration. The Kohl’s laboratory supports FCNS 469–Computer-aided Fashion Design and FCNS 471–Advanced Buying and Sourcing in the Fashion Industry.

Textile Laboratory

Located in Wirtz Hall, the FCNS Textile Laboratory supports students enrolled in FCNS 152, FCNS 351 and FCNS 353 Fiber and Fabric Analysis courses to study basic textile fibers, yarns and fabric construction and finishes, their origin, processing and properties. The laboratory equipment helps students execute and report fiber performance evaluations as used in the textile industry.