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Bachelor of Science in Nursing for RNs
(RN-BS Degree)

Northern's RN-BS Degree is designed to meet the needs of the registered nurse who wishes to complete a bachelor degree as a preparation for career advancement. NIU’s degree is distinguished by its flexibility, affordability, and quality.  All of the nursing courses are available online.   Most RN-BS courses can be taken face to face  at the DeKalb campus.  .

Our BS degree with a major in nursing prepares registered nurses like you for leadership roles in the total spectrum of health care agencies and settings. Our graduates are skilled in utilizing the knowledge of the physical and social sciences as integral aspects of nursing and are prepared to enter graduate programs that will further increase their nursing competencies and skills. 

For more information, please see our admission packet for the 'RN-BS Degree'.  (Admission packet needs updating…Not ready yet so leave the old one.)

Why select the RN-BS completion program at Northern Illinois University?

1. NIU's RN-BS degree program provides flexibility in meeting your busy schedule and your preferred learning style.

  • All courses are offered online.
  • You can enter the program three times a year--fall, spring, and summer.
  • You can complete the degree in as little as 15 months or take as much time as you need.
  • NIU classes can be taken prior to completing general education requirements.

2. NIU's RN-BS degree program is known for its quality.

  • CCNE has granted the program its highest level of accreditation.
  • Class sections are limited to RN students only so the discussions and projects reflect the real world of professional nursing.
  • The curriculum is based on national guidelines and input from alumni, students and employing agencies.
  • A practicum focused on leadership and management applied to healthcare organizations prepares you to move up in your career.

3. NIU's RN-BS degree program is affordable.

  • Up to 33 credits are given to RN-BS students for coursework completed in their previous nursing education, most often a ADN program
  • As a public institution, NIU works hard to keep its tuition rates among the lowest in the region allowing work-related tuition reimbursement plans to go further.
  • Only 28 credits in coursework is required from NIU. All other degree requirements can be met with community college coursework. Your NIU nursing academic advisor will help you identify which courses to take.