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Medical Laboratory Sciences Professional Opportunities

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Employment opportunities for graduates of the medical laboratory sciences program are plentiful and increasing. Many secure employment positions by graduation.

Working with emerging technology in a life-saving environment provides the medical laboratory scientist with lifelong opportunities for both challenge and growth. Although many graduates work in hospital laboratories, other opportunities exist in a variety of settings such as:

  • Research (university, industry, medical centers)
  • Blood banks
  • Public health (state and community health departments, environmental testing laboratories)
  • Physicians' office laboratories
  • Veterinary and zoo laboratories
  • Forensics (state and municipal crime laboratories)
  • Peace Corps
  • Education
  • Health administration (laboratory managers/directors, quality assurance and safety officers, computer operations managers)
  • Consulting
  • Sales and marketing (biomedical equipment and supply companies, pharmaceutical companies)
  • Infection control

Graduates of our program have successfully applied for and been accepted into medical school and graduate school programs.

For further information about earning a degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences with additional coursework in preparation for pursuing a career in forensic science, contact the Medical Laboratory Sciences Program at (815) 753-1382.

For further information about careers in forensic science with the Illinois State Police visit: Illinois State Police Forensics FAQ or call (217) 785-0183, if in Illinois or (800) 648-4155, if out of state.