Practicum Internship

All public health students must complete the practicum internship requirement as part of the public health major. You need to have completed PHHE 487 with a grade of C or better, and be enrolling in your final semester.

You must enroll in PHHE 489 for six credit hours in order to receive practicum internship credit. Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis for allied health professionals. Allied health professionals should consult with the public health advisor for variable credit opportunities.

Meet with your academic advisor and practicum internship coordinator to discuss future goals and your desires as you plan for internship. The practicum internship is offered in summer, fall and spring semesters. You should work a minimum of 360 hours to receive the required 6 credits. The practicum internship must be completed in one semester. The grading scale is satisfactory/unsatisfactory.

You are required to attend one the pre-internship information meeting held the semester prior to your practicum internship semester.

You must submit all required paperwork by the semester appropriate deadline to be considered for practicum internship enrollment. Semester deadlines are as followed:

  • Fall semester: August 1
  • Spring semester: December 1
  • Summer term: May 1

For practicum internship details, please view the following handbook:

Finding a Practicum Internship

You find your practicum internship with the help of the practicum internship coordinator and the practicum site list which you will receive access to once you are enrolled into PHHE 487: Public Health Pre-Practicum Seminar.

However, you don’t have to limit your search to this list. There are many excellent employers out there that can meet the needs of the practicum internship requirements!