Internship and Mentoring Programs


Students participating in an internship class need to have completed the following three courses:

  • HOSP 302 or HOSP 304
  • HOSP 316
  • HOSP 498

You must be enrolled in HOSP 495 for eight credit hours in order to receive internship credit. 

Meet with your academic advisor and the internship coordinator, Lan Li, Ph.D., to discuss future goals and your desires as you plan for internship. The internship is offered in summer, fall, and spring semesters. You should work 400 hours to receive 8 credits. However, you do have the option to take a minimum of 4 credits in one semester and complete your 8 credits in two semesters.

You are required to attend the pre-internship information meeting held each February.
For internship details, please view the following handbooks:

Finding an Internship

You find your internship with the help of the internship coordinator. You may attend the Hospitality Recruitment Day held each spring semester where various hospitality companies interview students for internships. However, you don’t have to limit your search to this event. There are many excellent employers out there!

After you select a location, you should contact that company with your cover letter, your resume and an internship handbook to see if they are able to offer you an internship experience. 

Mentor Program

Our hospitality and tourism mentor program helps you gain knowledge about the industry and develop a career path by learning from industry mentors. The experiences from the program will help you transition from academic life to the workforce. The program is also a valuable resource for industry leaders to meet and recruit upcoming graduates that have interest in mentors’ organization.

The program is offered in the fall academic semester. Students are selected through an application process. Based on available mentors, industry mentors are paired with selected students whose interests match mentors’ professional areas.

To be qualified for the mentor program, you must be a hospitality and tourism management major, maintaining a minimum 2.5 GPA, and have completed 30 college credit hours.

Eunha Myung, Ph.D. facilitates the mentor program and you may contact her with questions at or 815-753-6341.

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