Hospitality Management Bachelor's Completion Pathway (Harper College)

Harper Community College- Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S) in Hospitality Management*

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The degree completion emphasis is off-campus/online and is designed uniquely for hospitality professionals. Applicants must have completed an Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree in hospitality management, restaurant management, culinary arts or a related degree and have a cumulative grade point average of at least a 2.0.

AAS in at Harper Community College: AAS program requirements and applicability toward NIU general education and major requirements (18 credit hours)

Required course NIU articulation NIU requirement satisfied
CIS 100 – Computers and Digital Literacy (3) CSCI 180 – Computers and Technology Hours toward the 120 credit requirement
DIT 101 – Fundamentals of Nutrition (3) Elective Hours toward the 120 credit requirement
ENG 101 – Composition (3) ENG 103 – Rhetoric and Composition I GE-Foundational Studies
ENG 202 – Composition (3) ENG 203 – Rhetoric and Composition II GE-Foundational Studies
PSYC 101 – Introduction to Psychology (3) PSYC 102 – Introduction to Psychology GE- Society and Culture and Major
Humanities (3) Select course to meet NIU Creativity and Critical Analysis Requirement (see Articulation Handbook) GE - Creativity and Critical Analysis

Select Math 165 – Elementary Statistics (4)

STAT 208 – Basic Statistics GE- Foundational Studies and Major
FSM coursework N/C (no credit) See proficiency

*Articulation Plan based on course work required for the AAS Hospitality Management at Harper Community College in the 2018-19 catalog and the B.S. in Hospitality and Tourism Management – Degree completion emphasis in the 2018-2019 catalog and in NIU's current articulation handbook. Curricular changes will necessitate an update in the articulation plan.

Additional Haper Community College Courses to Meet NIU General Education and/or Major Requirements
Can be completed concurrently while taking NIU courses (34 credit hours)

Required course NIU articulation NIU requirement satisfied

ACC 101 – Introductory Accounting (4)

ACCY 206 – Introductory Financial Accounting


ACC 213 – Legal Environment of Business (3)

MGMT 217 – Legal Environment of Business


ECO 211 – Microeconomics  (3)

MATH 210 – Finite Mathematics

GE-Foundational Studies and Major

MAT 124 – Finite Mathematics (3)

PED 203 (3)

PHHE 206 (3)

MGT 270 – Principles of Management (3)


Major (substation for MGMT 333)

MKT 245 – Principles of Marketing (3) MKTG 295 – Principles of Marketing Major
SPE 101 – Fundamentals of Speech Communication (3) COMS 100 – Fundamentals of Oral Communication GE-Foundational Studies
Humanities and Fine Arts (3) Select course to meet NIU Creativity and Critical Analysis Requirement (see Articulation Handbook) GE– Knowledge Domain
Physical and Life Sciences (6) Select course to meet NIU Nature and Technology Requirement (see Articulation Handbook) GE-Knowledge Domain
Additional General Education (3) Select course to meet NIU Knowledge Domain Requirement (see Articulation Handbook) GE-Knowledge Domain

Proficiency credits
AAS Hospitality Management graduates are eligible proficiency in HOSP 202, HOSP 302, HOSP 303, HOSP 304, HOSP 316, HOSP 319, HOSP 320, HOSP 413, HOSP 418, and HOSP 425. These proficiency credits will be held in escrow and be awarded during the last semester prior to degree completion.

Hospitality and Tourism Management Major Classes to Be Taken Through NIU (31 credit hours)

Note: NIU courses are offered online at least once a year

NIU course number NIU course title
HOSP 301 (2) Career Planning in the Hospitality Industry
HOSP 314 (3) Hospitality Facility Management
HOSP 315 (3) Casino and Gaming Management
HOSP 411 (3) Yield Management in the Hospitality Industry
HOSP 417 (3) Trade Show and Exhibition Management
HOSP 426 (3) Strategic Management in the Hospitality Industry
HOSP 430 (3) Data Analysis for the Hospitality Industry
HOSP 491 (1) Leadership Seminar in Hospitality and Tourism
HOSP 492 (2) Distinguished Speaker Series
HOSP 495 (8) Internship in Hospitality Management 

Academic advising
All NIU students must meet university graduation and general education (GE) requirements.  Hospitality and Tourism Management – degree completion students work with an advisor to identify GE deficiencies and monitor progress toward completion of these and other university graduation requirements (i.e. 120 total credit hours with at least 31 hours from NIU.)

Electives for 120 hours required for graduation and to meet to meet minimum required hours at NIU can be selected by student and taken at NIU or Harper Community College (7 credits).