Frequently Asked Questions

Is this what I should major in if I want to be a buyer?

Yes. Several employers have suggested minoring in business administration if you wish to pursue a career in buying.

Is this the right major for me if I want to be a designer?

Yes. While we do not offer a full apparel/fashion design curriculum, the concepts addressed in the Fashion Merchandising curriculum are highly useful if you want to pursue a career in design. If you are interested in design, you may want to earn the Fashion Merchandising degree first, then, if you’re still interested, pursue a design degree at another institution.

Will this degree only enable me to work in a retail store?

No. Our graduates have a wide variety of career opportunities related to fashion. Opportunities exist in product development, visual merchandising at the corporate level, buying and planning, etc.

Should I pursue a minor in business?

Yes. Completion of a business administration or marketing minor would strengthen your background and may give you a competitive edge in the job market. Several courses required in the Fashion Merchandising major also count toward the requirements for a business administration or marketing minor.