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Courses Taken


Rachael Lo COMD 220, COMD 300, COMD 305, COMD 323, ENGL 207
Diana Jarocki AHRS 200, HSCI 318, COMD 300, COMD 220, COMD 330, PSYC 425, BIOS 109, PSYC 225
Elizabeth Pawlica COMD 220, COMD 221, COMD 300, COMD 323, BIOS 109, BIOS 208, BIOS 209, PHYS 180, PSYC 102, PSYC 225
Rebekah Salazar COMD 221, ENGL 207, FlSL 101, FlSL 102
Ryan Scheri COMD 221, COMD 300, COMD 305, COMD 323, ENG 207, ASL (1 and 2)

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Donors provide funding for students who conduct research during their academic program. If you are interested, please submit applications to the school.

Students are encouraged to review faculty research interests and contact them directly if you would like to be involved in their labs.

To view and apply for these and other scholarships, please visit the MyScholarships portal.

  • Joan Good Erickson Award - Dr. Joan Good Erickson received her undergraduate degree in speech pathology and elementary education in 1956 from Northern Illinois University. She went on to earn her master's in speech pathology and Ph.D. in early childhood education from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She worked as a speech, language and aural rehabilitation therapist, a clinical audiologist and part-time psychology research associate. Prior to passing away in 2011, she served in an advisory capacity on many committees and panels at the state and national level related to education and speech and hearing science. Her publications include two edited books and numerous journal articles and book chapters as well as instructional television programs and clinical materials. Her later research focused on cross-cultural attitudes toward disabilities. The Joan Good Erickson Award is to support a student focusing on multicultural issues, hearing loss, or cleft palate.

  • Cletus G Fisher Outstanding Senior Award - Dr. Cletus Fisher came to NIU in 1968 with a desire to create a Department of Communicative Disorders that could stand-alone from the Department of Speech. As a result of his efforts, the Department of Communicative Disorders (now known as Allied Health & Communicative Disorders), became one of the largest such programs in the state, and ranked near the top of similar programs in the country. At the time, the department offered the only rehabilitation-counseling program in the state with a focus on deafness. The Cletus G. Fisher Award is to support an exceptional senior studying Communicative Disorders or Rehabilitation Services.

  • James Richard Andrews Graduate Student Clinical Award - Dr. James Andrews was a professor in the Department of Communicative Disorders from 1970-2000 and passed away in 2016. During his time at NIU, Jim served as the Director of the Speech-Language- Hearing Clinic and also as Department Chair. Dr. Andrews pioneered the Family Based Treatment approach, along with his wife Mary- a family therapist. Together, they co-authored the book, “Family Based Treatment in Communicative Disorders: A Systemic Approach” that was an early catalyst in training generations of speech therapists across the country to work more effectively with families and helped us see that families have great power in effecting change if we give them the opportunity. The student receiving this award has demonstrated an understanding of the importance of including families in the decision making process during their first year of clinical training in the speech-language pathology program at NIU. They emulate Dr. Andrew’s passion for working with the family unit to promote change.

The College of Health and Human Sciences offers additional awards.

Each year, as part of the Heart of Hearing project, Dr. King Chung takes students to a developing foreign country where students experience another culture and provide hearing services to underrepresented populations.

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