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The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) is a national, professional organization representing the interests of more than 70,000 physical therapists, physical therapist assistants and students. This site is an excellent information source for practicing therapists and anyone interested in the profession. Get involved in APTA - find out about the Student Assembly.

Sections of the APTA provide specific special interest information and support to professionals and para-professionals in physical therapy:

Northern Illinois University Physical Therapy Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Alliance (NIU PT DEI Alliance)

We, NIU affiliated students, alumni, faculty and staff from all cultural backgrounds, recognize the compelling need for change as a result of the adversity that our marginalized communities continue to experience. Consequently, we actively seek to grow the participation from individuals whose cultural identities are lacking acceptable representation within physical therapy (PT) and the rest of the health care communities.


Our mission is to help foster a culture in which equitable opportunity for PT and physical therapist assistant (PTA) careers are accessible to marginalized groups in our society by generating awareness and providing resources for these opportunities. We are in support of justice and equity for these groups not just in PT, but also other health care professions and in advancements to postgraduate and postsecondary education with a health care focus.



Involves persons of unshared experiences, by virtue of distinct identities including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, physical ability, ideology, age, sexuality and socioeconomic status, with adequate representation in varying capacities.


Provides an avenue in which marginalized participants are equipped with appropriately allocated resources for the same advancement opportunities as non-marginalized participants based on their individual needs.


Welcomes, encourages and actively seeks participation of diverse groups for the acceptance of their unique perspectives and their benefit of advancement opportunities.

Faculty Advisor

Shondra Clay, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor/ACUE Distinguished Teaching Scholar
School of Interdisciplinary Health Professions

Founding Members

  • Gregory Adams
  • Daniel Barajas
  • Cara Cazier
  • Garrett Duffin
  • Mishka Harrisingh
  • Aja Hughes
  • Megan McConnell
  • Ryan McKnight
  • Hector Uriostegui
  • Dominique Velazquez
  • Quintin Wynne

Physical Therapy Program List

The APTA maintains a complete list of Accredited Educational Programs for the profession. On this list, you will find links to other physical therapy programs, giving access to resources at many sites throughout the nation.

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