Ping Yao

Ping Yao
Title: Associate Professor
Division: Health Studies
Unit: Public Health
Office Location: Wirtz Hall 260
Office Phone: 815-753-0853
Office Fax: 815-753-5406

Courses Taught

  • PHHE 325: Biostatistical Applications in Public Health
  • PHHE 605: Biostatistics in Public Health 


  • Ph.D., University of Missouri, Statistics 2009
  • M.S., University of Missouri, Animal Science (Genetics) 2006
  • B.S., Huazhong Agricultural University, Animal Genetics and Breeding 2000

Research Interests

  • Biostatistics and bioinformatics
  • Clinical trial design and analysis
  • Longitudinal and survival analysis, multivariate, generalized linear model, Statistics modeling application in health and medical research

Selected Publications

Yao P and Flournoy N. (2010) Information in a two stage adaptive optimal design for normal random variable having a one parameter exponential mean function. mODa9-Advances in Model-Oriented Design and Analysis. Contributor to Statistics, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.

McClure MC, Morsci NS, Schnabel RD, Kim JW, Yao P, Rolf MM, McKay SD, Gregg SA, Chapple RH, Northcutt SL, and Taylor JF. A genome scan for quantitative trait loci influencing carcass, post-natal growth, and reproductive traits in commercial Angus cattle. Anim. Genet. (2010), 41, 597-607

Ciesla JR, Yao P. Validation of a Targeted Social Support Scale for Adolescents Treated for Substance Use Disorder: An Application of Rasch Modeling. Substance Abuse Research and Treatment. (2011), 5:35-44.

Hou M., Yao P  and Johns M.  A potential pico-inversion in a very recent common ancestor of primates. Bioinformatics (2011), 27(23):3266-3275.

Marks N., Koren M.E., Yao P. The Presence of Nursing Students in the Hospital and their Impact on Patient Care. Journal of Illinois Nursing. (2011), 109 (23):17-22

Lane, A, Yao, P, Flournoy, N (2012). Information in a Two-Stage Adaptive Optimal Design. Isaac Newton Institute for the Mathematical Sciences Preprint series. Cambridge, UK. 

Yao P. and Ciesla JR. Peer Relations Scale for Adolescents Treated for Substance Use Disorder: A Factor Analytic Presentation. Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy. (2012), 7:29.

D J. Plonczynski, P Yao, J Hartman, M West, A Salacinski, and M Manion. Interpersonal and Background Influences on Health Promotion of Older Rural Adults. Journal of Rural Community Psychology, (2012), E15(1).

Hou, M., Yao, P., and Johns, M. (2013). Computation verification of a potential pico-inversion with multi-species comparison. Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (BICoB-2013):283-288.

Yao, P., and Ozier A. (2013). Food Pantry Nutrition Education about Whole Grains and Self-Efficacy.  Family & Consumer Sciences Research Journal, 41 (4):426-437.

Lane, A., Yao, P., Flournoy, N. (2013). Information in a Two-Stage Adaptive Optimal Design. Journal of Statistics Planning and Inference. 144:173-187.

Yao P, Liu X (2013) Semiparametric Analysis of Longitudinal Zero inflated Count Data with Applications to Instrumental Activities of Daily Living. J Biomet Biostat 4:172. doi: 10.4172/2155-6180.1000172

Yao P. (2013) Joint analysis of growth curve model in depressive symptoms and mortality: application to an elderly study. J Med Stat Inform. 1:6.

Chen, J., Koren, M. E., Munroe, D.J., Yao, P. Can Magnet Nursing Work Environment Improve Patient Satisfaction with Hospital Care? Journal of Nursing Care Quality (accepted)

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