Susan Caplan, Ph.D., MSN, APRN-BC, FAAN

Title: Associate Professor
Division: Nursing
Office Location: Nursing 190
Office Fax: 815-753-0814

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Yale University, Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
  • M.S. Pace University, Leinhard School of Nursing
  • B.F.A., Tufts University
  • A.A.S. Kingsborough Community College

Academic Research Interests

  • Hispanic mental health services
  • Community-based research
  • Global health research
  • Technology and mobile apps

Honors Faculty Fellow (2021-2022)

As an Honors Faculty Fellow, Professor Caplan will teach a seminar on Global Mental Health: Social Determinants and Service Delivery in spring 2022 in the University Honors Program. The Honors Faculty Fellowship program identifies faculty eager to teach innovative, exciting seminars of interest to highly-motivated students from across the university.

Selected Publications

Caplan, S., Sosa Lovera, A., Veloz Comas, C. E., and Attilus, J. (2020). A Mobile App to Prevent Depression Among Low-Income Primary Care Patients in the Dominican Republic: Sociocultural Adaptations. Journal of Transcultural Nursing. 

Caplan, S., Sosa Lovera, A., and Diaz, L. (2019). The Nanny Killer Deconstructed: Conference Proceedings and Conceptual Analysis of Sociocultural Factors in Forensic Psychology, Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Early Career Psychologist column of the International Psychology Bulletin (IPB).

Caplan, S. (2019). The Intersection of Cultural and Religious Beliefs about Mental Illness among Latinos in the Faith-Based Setting. Hispanic Health Care International, 17(1), 4-10.

Caplan, S., Reyna, P., and Sosa Lovera, A. (2018) Feasibility study of a mental health mobile app in the Dominican Republic: the untold story. International Journal of Mental Health. 47(4), 311-345.

Caplan, S., Little, T. V., Reyna, P., Sosa Lovera, A., Garces-King, J., Queen, K. and Nahar, R. (2018). Mental Health Services in the Dominican Republic from the Perspective of Health Care Providers. Global Public Health, 13 (7), 874-898. Published online Aug.29, 2016. 

Caplan, S., Little, T. V., Garces-King, J. (2016). Stigma about Mental Illness among Multidisciplinary Health Care Providers. International Perspectives in Psychology: Research, Practice and Consultation, 5 (3), 196-206.

Caplan, S. (2016). "A Pilot Study of a Novel Method of Measuring Stigma about Depression Developed for Latinos in the Faith-based Setting." Community Mental Health Journal 52 (4) (online first). doi: 10.1007/s10597-016-0005-7)

Caplan, S. and Buyske, S. (2015). Correlates of Depression, Help-Seeking and Self-Recognition of Depression among Dominican, Ecuadorian and Colombian Immigrant Primary Care Patients in the Northeastern United States to the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 12(9), 10450-10474. doi:10.3390/ijerph120910450

Caplan, S. and Cordero, C. (2015). Development of a Faith-Based Mental Health Literacy Program to Improve Treatment Engagement among Caribbean Latinos in the Northeastern United States of America. International Quarterly of Community Health Education, 35, 199-214.

Additional Engagement

  • Principal investigator: Fogarty International Center, National Institute of Mental Health, "Effectiveness of group versus individual self-management of depression using a mobile app to increase treatment adherence among users of a university-based Helpline in the Dominican Republic." Co-investigators: Angelina Sosa, Patricia Reyna. $364,000.
  • Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing: The American Academy of Nursing's approximately 2,400 fellows are nursing leaders in education, management, practice and research. Invitation to fellowship is recognition of one's accomplishments within the nursing profession, and to the impact of one's research on clinical outcomes in the fields of Latino mental health services and global mental health.
  • NIH Fogarty Institute invited trainee: Global mHealth Research Training Institute. U.S. National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, in June 2016. This short-term, scenario-based training promoted multidisciplinary research, implementation science and novel research methodologies to a cohort of researchers from diverse fields who are involved in developing mHealth research projects.
  • Honorable Judge Gregory Carro of the New York State Supreme Court as an expert witness for her nationally recognized expertise in mental health services among Latino immigrants in the United States and in the Dominican Republic and her research on stigma about mental health treatment among Latino immigrants. Caplan served as an expert witness in April 2018, in the defense in the manner of the people of the state of New York against Yoselyn Ortega. Yoselyn Ortega is a Dominican immigrant accused of two counts of murder in the first degree.
  • Ad hoc reviewer: National Institutes of Health 2020, Fogarty Institute, PAR-19-376: Mobile Health: Technology and Outcomes in Low and Middle Income Countries

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