Maryann Abendroth Ph.D., RN

Maryann Abendroth
Title: Associate Professor / Director, Undergraduate Nursing Program
Division: Nursing
Office Location: Nursing 164
Office Phone: 815-753-0812
Office Fax: 815-753-0814

Courses Taught

  • NURS 601: Transition to Graduate Level Nursing
  • NURS 612: Theoretical Perspectives for Advanced Practice Nursing
  • NURS 615: Diversity in Community Nursing Systems for Advanced Nursing Practice
  • NURS 621: Foundations in Nursing Education I
  • NURS 622: Foundations in Nursing Education II
  • UHHS 731: Research Design, Conduct, and Analysis in the Health Sciences II

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., University of Florida, Nursing Sciences
  • M.S.N., Florida State University
  • B.S.N., Florida State University
  • B.A., Emory University

Academic / Research Interests

  • Informal and formal caregiver health and well-being, risk for strain
  • Chronic illness management, disability and caregiving research
  • Qualitative (Grounded Theory) and mixed method design
  • Instrument development
  • Nursing education research (innovative teaching methods)

Awards / Recognitions

Sullivan Award for Excellence in Research. Northern Illinois University, College of Health and Human Sciences (2017).

Maura C. Ryan Gerontological Nursing Research Scholar, American Nurses Foundation (2015). 

Selected Publications

Daniel, M., & Abendroth, M., & Erlen, J.A. (2017, March). Barriers and motives to physical activity in south Asian Indian immigrant women. Western Journal of Nursing Research.

Abendroth, M. (2016). Psychometric testing and modification of the Parkinson's Disease Caregiver Strain Risk Screen. Journal of Nursing Measurement, 24(2), 281-295. DOI:

Abendroth, M., Greenblum, C.A., & Gray, J.A. (2014). The value of peer-led support groups among caregivers of persons with Parkinson's disease. Holistic Nursing Practice, 28(1), 48-54. DOI 10.1097/HNP.0000000000000004

Abendroth, M., & Graven, L. (2013). Integrating care of older adults into the nursing curriculum: A case exemplar project. Journal of Nursing Education. 52(9), 529-532. DOI: 10.3928/01484834-20130819-06.

Abendroth, M., & Figley, C. (2013). Vicarious trauma and the therapeutic relationship. In D. Murphy, S. Joseph, & B. Harris (Eds.), Trauma and the therapeutic relationship: Approaches to process and practice. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan.

Abendroth, M., Lutz, B.J., & Young, M.E. (2012). Family caregivers' decision process to institutionalize persons with Parkinson's disease: A grounded theory study. International Journal of Nursing Studies, 49(4), 445-454. DOI: 10.1016/j.ijnurstu.2011.10.003.

Abendroth, M., & Flannery, J. (2006). Predicting the risk of compassion fatigue: A study of hospice nurses. Journal of Hospice and Palliative Nursing, 8(6), 346-356.

Funded Projects

Abendroth, M. (2015). Caregiver Strain Risk as a Predictor of Physical Health among Informal Caregivers of Persons with Parkinson's Disease. American Nurses Foundation

Abendroth, M. (June 2013). Testing the Measurement Model-Data Fit of a Theory-Based Instrument that Measures Risk for Strain among Informal Caregivers of Persons with Parkinson’s Disease. The Joan E. Wood Award for Faculty Research.

Abendroth, M. (2011), Developing a Tool to Measure Caregiver Strain in a Population of Informal Caregivers of Persons with Parkinson's Disease. Florida State University.

Abendroth, M. (Jan 2009) Understanding Caregivers' Decision Process When Choosing to Institutionalize a Relative with Parkinson's Disease. Rehabilitation Nursing Foundation.