Fashion Merchandising

Fashion Merchandising

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Fashion Merchandising

A bachelor’s degree or master’s specialization in Fashion Merchandising (formerly Textiles, Apparel and Merchandising) from NIU’s School of Family, Consumer and Nutrition Sciences prepares students for a fast-paced career in fashion merchandising, retail buying, apparel marketing, and fashion management.

Our experienced faculty and staff provide a comprehensive foundation in fashion merchandising and retail, including product knowledge, theory, and business skills. NIU boasts two on-campus laboratories that are designed to help students develop a wide range of fashion, retail, and marketing skills:

  • Kohl’s Merchandising Laboratory: Students use computer-based technology to develop skills in visual merchandising, buying and sourcing in the fashion industry, mathematical concepts, and fashion illustration.
  • FCNS Textile Laboratory: The Textile Laboratory supports students studying basic textile fibers, yarns, and fabric construction and finishes, as well as their origin, processing, and properties. The equipment provided helps students execute and report fiber performance evaluations as used in the textile industry.

Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandising

A Bachelor of Science degree in Fashion Merchandising does more than just provide students with product knowledge of textiles and apparel. It provides an understanding of the socioeconomic influences and managerial and business skills to successfully marketing textiles and apparel products.

The major also provides a basis for graduate study.

Minor in Fashion Merchandising

Students pursuing degrees through the School of Art, College of Business, or other related course of study may choose to minor in Fashion Merchandising to complement their major coursework.

Master of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences, Apparel Studies Specialization

Graduate students earning a Master of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences may pursue a specialization in Apparel Studies (M.S.). Oriented toward the human sciences, coursework is designed to enhance students’ abilities in applying critical thinking and oral and written communication skills in the professional apparel industry. Individual thesis topics are selected with adviser approval.

The program also prepares students to continue their studies in doctoral programs.

To learn more about our programs and courses, send an e-mail message to The School of Family, Consumer and Nutrition Sciences.