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These organizations are ideal for students majoring in Nursing (B.S. and R.N. - B.S.) and Nursing (M.S.)

Sigma Theta TauSTT logo

The Beta Omega chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society in Nursing was established in October, 1975. Members are comprised of undergraduate students, registered nurse students, graduate students, nurse leader candidates. Membership is based on established criteria and is by invitation only. 

Student Nurses' Organization (SNO)

The purpose of the Student Nurses' Organization nonprofit organization shall be:

  • To aid in development and growth of the individual student by providing programs of intellectual and professional interest.

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  • To promote professional and social unity among the student nurses on campus.
  • To promote among student nurses an understanding of and an interest in local, national, and professional organizations.
  • To act as the official representative of the student body of the NIU School of Nursing.
  • To promote and encourage participation in community affairs and activities.

American Assembly for Men in Nursing (AAMN)

The Northern Prairie Alliance is an organization with a focus on bettering the life of the nursing student here at NIU through advocacy, inclusion, education, and service to others. With a focus on professional development and academic success, this chapter of AAMN still allows students to embrace the social aspects of nursing school without disruption of studies.


Bonding with peers outside one's track, dealing with the stresses of nursing school in a healthy way, and developing a skill-set that cannot be taught in a classroom are a few of the perks this nursing student organization offers. For more information, please see our web page.

Student Advisory Committee (SAC)

The purpose of SAC is to: 

  • Advise nursing administration and faculty on matters of direct concern to students. 
  • Serve on the Nursing and Health Studies and College of Health and Human Sciences Student Advisory Committee. 
  • Advise nursing student representatives to the College of Health and Human Sciences Student Advisory Committee. 
  • Assist in the nomination process for the Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award and the Excellence in Undergraduate Instruction award.
  • Appoint members to the Grade Review Panel.SAC Picture