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Post-Master's Certificates in Nursing

Nursing imageThe Northern Illinois University School of Nursing offers two post-master’s certificate programs: Nursing Education and Family Nurse Practitioner.

Nursing Education

The post-master's nursing education certificate program provides master’s prepared nurses with a foundation for teaching. This program involves 3 didactic courses and 1 internship (in either a healthcare or formal education setting).

Family Nurse Practitioner

The post-master's family nurse practitioner certificate program meets national standards for certification as a family nurse practitioner, preparing the student to take the American Nurses Credential Center Family Nurse Practitioner Certification Examination or the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Family Nurse Practitioner Examination. This program consists of 6 didactic courses and 3 internships (Adult, Women, & Infant/Child). Each internship involves 182 hours of clinical time, plus an additional 10 hours of seminar time. View additional requirements for this program.

For Post-master's FNP certificate applicants only: A graduate level pathophysiology course within the last ten years.