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The Couple and Family Therapy Clinic at NIU

Our Approach

A woman comforts another.

Strength of Marriage and Family Therapy

We believe that viewing our clients through a systemic lens can help our clients in their personal and interpersonal struggles. The use of multiple theoretical approaches helps to create interventions to assist individuals, couples, and families from a unique perspective that looks collectively at one's environment and relationships with others. Using this perspective, marriage and family therapy practitioners can improve relationships between people, and increase understanding of family roles, patterns, rules, goals, and stages of development.

 Marriage and Family Therapists (MFTs) Believe That…

  • Families matter
  • Families are defined in a multitude of ways
  • There are strengths in each family
  • Individuals are influenced by their relationships with others
  • Relationships can bring the best or the worst out of individuals
  • Individuals and families need to be listened to, not judged
  • Family conflict is natural but it does not have to impact one’s ability to function
  • The family is a system and each family member contributes to the maintenance of a family issue
  • Family affairs are better addressed when family members come to therapy together
  • Healing is from the roots
  • Families can change for the better