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Miriam van Mersbergen Ph.D., CCC-SLP

Miriam van Merbergen


Associate Professor


Allied Health & Communicative Disorders


Speech-Language Pathology

Office Location:

Wirtz Hall 354

Office Phone:

(815) 753-8385

Office Fax:

(815) 753-9123



Courses Taught

  • COMD 326: Introduction to Hearing and Speech Science
  • COMD 670: Voice Disorders: Theory and Research
  • COMD 673: Instrumentation for Voice Analysis
  • COMD 684: Swallowing Disorders
  • COMD 775: Seminar Speech Language Pathology: Voice Training and Rehabilitation


  • Ph.D., University of Minnesota, Speech Language Hearing Sciences and Psychology
  • M.A., University of Iowa, Speech-Language Pathology and Vocology
  • B.A., Calvin College, Music and Communication Arts and Sciences


  • Certification of Clinical Competence: American Speech Language Hearing Association


  • Speech Language Pathology Illinois Licensure
  • Speech Language Pathology Wisconsin Licensure
  • Speech Language Pathology Minnesota Licensure

Academic/Clinical Interests

  • Voice Problems in the Vocal Performer
  • Professional Voice Issues
  • Medical Voice Disorders
  • Paradoxical Vocal Fold Movement and Related Breathing Disorders
  • Chronic Cough

Research Interests

I have an interest in personality traits (specifically temperamental and cognitive traits) and the development of certain behavioral voice disorders.  Specifically, I am interested in the interaction between voice and emotion, specifically how emotional states, temperament, and regulation affect vocal output in healthy adults and in adults with behavioral voice disorders. In addition to temperamental traits, I am interested in the interaction between cognitive load and vocal performance on vocal tasks.  To this end, I employ cognitive psychological and affective neuroscience methods with psychophysiological measures and traditional voice techniques.

Basic Science

    • Influences of Emotion and Cognition on Voice Production
    • Personality
    • Psychophysiological Measures of Affect
    • Vocal Physiology


    • Measures of Effort in Voicing
    • Voice Challenges of Music Teachers
    • Voice Measures for Singing and Music Teachers 

Research Projects

Primary Investigator

    • Vocal Responses to Emotional Pictures
    • Auditory Perceptual Ratings of Voices in Emotional Conditions
    • Validating a Scale for Vocal Effort Protocol 
    • Normative Data for the Clinical Implementation of the Voice Range Profile


    • Comparison of Swallowing Quality of Life and Swallowing Effort with Cynthia Hildner
    • Music Education and Vocal Health with Mary Lynne Doherty
    • Assessing the Effectiveness of Singing as a Facilitator for Altissimo Register in Saxophone Performance with Steven Jordheim

Selected Publications

van Mersbergen, M., Lyons, P. & Riegler, D.(2015). Vocal responses in heighted states of arousal. Journal of Voice, (in press).

Doherty, M. L., & van Mersbergen, M., (2015). Profile of Music Teachers: One size Does Not Fit All. Journal of Voice, (in press).

Vinney, L., van Mersbergen, M., Connor, N., & Turkstra, L. (2015). Vocal Control: Is it Susceptible to the Negative Effects of Self-regulatory Depletion? Journal of Voice, (in press).

Ford Baldner, E., Doll, E., & van Mersbergen, M. (2015). A review of measures of vocal effort with a preliminary study on the establishment of a proposed vocal effort measure. Journal of Voice, 29 (5), 530-41.

Johns Fiedler, H. & & van Mersbergen, M. (2015). The prevalence of voice disorders in 9-1-1 emergency telecommunicators. Journal of Voice, 29(3), 389 e1-10.

van Mersbergen, M. (2014).  Viva La Vagus. Choral Journal, 55(3), 61-67.

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van Mersbergen, M. R. (2011). Voice Disorders and Personality: Understanding Their Interactions. Perspectives on Voice and Voice Disorders, 21, 31-38.  

van Mersbergen, M. R., Patrick, C. J. & Glaze, L. E. (2008). Functional Dysphonia During Mental Imagery: Testing the Trait Theory of Voice Disorders. Journal of Speech Language Hearing Research,51(6), 1405-1450.  

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