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John Stolte Ph.D.

John Stolte


Program Director/Professor Emeritus


Dean's Office



Office Location:

Wirtz Hall 227E

Office Phone:

(815) 753-0041

Office Fax:

(815) 753-6169


Courses Taught

  • IDSP 465/565: Issues in Gerontology
  • UHHS 466/566: Topics in Gerontology
  • UHHS 467/567: Fieldwork in Gerontology


  • NIMH Supported Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Stanford University
  • Ph.D., University of Washinton - Seattle, Sociology
  • B.A./M.A., San Diego State University, Sociology

Academic/Research Interests

  • Life-course equity, with special focus on health and aging, considered from a social exchange theory perspective
  • Structural, Cultural and Social psychological determinants of health and aging outcomes

Selected Publications/Presented Papers

Proposed Research: An Expressive Writing Intervention Among Older, Low-Wage, Long-Term Care Workers presented at the 8th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Social Science, Honolulu, Hawaii, June 4-7, 2009. Co-authored with Shirley Richmond.

Framing Social Values: An Experiment in Culture and Cognition. Social Psychology Quarterly, 2007, 70, (1) 59-69. Co-authored with Shanon Fender.

Evaluating People of Different Ages, Journal of Social Psychology, 1996, 136 (3), 305-309.

The Formation of Justice Norms, American Sociological Review, Vol. 52, 1987, 774-784.

The Legitimation of Structural Inequality: Reformulation and Test of the Self-evaluation Argument, American Sociological Review, Vol. 48, 1983, pp. 331-342.

Other Information

Research in Progress: NIU IRB-approved experimental study, "Micro-social framing: Age and gender in the perception of agency and communion" (in the context of health and aging).

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