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Tomoyuki Shibata Ph.D., M.Sc.

Tomoyuki Shibata


Associate Professor


Nursing & Health Studies


Public Health

Office Location:

Wirtz Hall 258

Office Phone:

(815) 753-5696

Office Fax:

(815) 753-5406



Courses Taught

  • PHHE 351: Elements of Environmental Health
  • PHHE 490: Water Quality
  • PHHE 494/697: Independent Studies
  • PHHE 609: Problems and Issues of Environmental Health
  • PHHE 699: Master's Thesis


  • Ph.D., University of Miami, Civil (Environmental Discipline) Engineering
  • M.Sc., University of Miami, Environmental Health and Safety
  • B.Sc., Azabu University, Sagamihara, Kanagawa, Japan

Academic/Research Interests

  • Evaluations of environmental risk factors (e.g. biological, chemical, physical, and socioeconomic) that potentially affect human health, especially children’s health

Selected Publications

Shibata, T., Solo-Gabriele, H.M., Hata, T. 2012. Disaster waste characteristics and radiation distribution as a result of the Great East Japan Earthquake, Environmental Science and Technology, 46 (7), 3618-3624

Shibata, T., Solo-Gabriele, H.M., 2012. Quantitative microbial risk assessment of human illness from exposure to marine beach sand, Environmental Science and Technology, 46, 2799-2805

Shibata, T., Solo-Gabriele, H.M., Sinigalliano, C.D., Gidley, M.L., Plano, L.R.W., Fleisher, J.M., Wang, J.D., Elmir, S.M., He, G., Wright, M.E., Abdelzaher, A.M., Ortega, C., Wanless, D., Garza, A.C., Kish, J., Scott, T., Hollenbeck, J., Backer, L.C., Fleming, L.E. 2010. Evaluation of conventional and alternative monitoring methods for a recreational marine beach with non-point source of fecal contamination. Environmental Science and Technology. 44 (21): 8175–8181.

Shibata, T., Solo-Gabriele, H.M., Fleming, L.E., Cai, Y., and Townsend, T.G. 2007. A mass balance approach for evaluating leachable arsenic and chromium from an in-service CCA-treated wood structure. Science of the Total Environment, 372, 624-635

Shibata T. 2006. Dislodgeable arsenic from in-service CCA-treated wood. In: Townsend T. and Solo-Gabriele H.M, editors. Environmental Impacts of Preservative Treated Wood, CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, 237-256.

 Global Environmental Health Laboratory (GEH Lab)